Tečaj: FURAL BOMO KRVAVEC: Check Point Security Administrator (CCSA) R80.10
Trajanje: 4 dni
Cena certifikata: 1.750 € + DDV
  • Četrtek, 01. Mar 2018, 08:30
    do Torek, 06. Mar 2018
Jezik: Slovenski
Predavatelj: Jani Lindner, CCSA, CCSE

Popestrimo si šolanje in zjutraj izkoristimo zimsko sonce s 3 urno smuko do 12 ure, nato pa pričnemo s šolanjem. Termini so razpisani tako, da je vmes prisoten vikend, da imate čas razmisliti katera znanja še potrebujete, ker s ponedeljkom ponovno štartamo s športom in šolanjem.

Prijave zbiramo do 11.01.2018 na ana.lusina@snt.si


01.03. – 06.3.2018 (vikend 3,4.03.2018 čas za razmislek)




Technical professionals who support, install, deploy, or administer Check Point Software Blades


Learn How To

  • Install R80 management and a security gateway in a distributed environment
  • Configure objects, rules, and settings to define a security policy
  • Work with multiple concurrent administrators and define permission profiles
  • Configure a Virtual Private Network and work with Check Point clustering
  • Perform periodic administrator tasks as specified in administrator job descriptions



  • Basic knowledge of networking
  • 6 months to 1 year of experience with Check Point products recommended


How You Will Benefit

  • Be prepared to defend against network threats
  • Evaluate existing security policies and optimize the rule base
  • Manage user access to corporate LANs
  • Monitor suspicious network activities and analyze attacks
  • Troubleshoot network connections
  • Implement Check Point backup techniques



· Install and configure Security Management Servers and Security Gateways

· Apply commands in the Command Line Interface

· Working with Administrators and performing backups.

· Creating objects and rules

· Saving, installing and testing a Security Policy

· Defining new policies and combining them

· Creating DMZ related objects and rules

· Working with SmartView Tracker and SmartView Monitor

· Configuring and testing Hide and Static NAT

· Configuring and testing Identify Awareness

· Defining VPN domains and testing encryption

· Working with queries in SmartLog



· Design and install a distributed environment and install a Security Gateway

· Create and configure network, host, and gateway objects

· Verify SIC establishment

· Create a basic rulebase in SmartDashboard

· Evaluate existing policies and optimize the rules

· Maintain the Security Management Server

· Use queries to monitor IPS and network traffic

· Use packet data to generate reports, troubleshoot system and security issues, and ensure network functionality

· Use SmartView Monitor to configure alerts

· Configure NAT rules on Web and Gateway servers

· Monitor remote Gateways using SmartUpdate

· Upgrade and attach product licenses using SmartUpdate

· Manage users and user access to the corporate LAN

· Use Identity Awareness to provide granular level access to network resources

· Acquire user information used by the Security Gateway to control access

· Define Access Roles for use in an Identity Awareness rule

· Implement Identity Awareness in the Firewall rulebase

· Configure certificate-based, site-to-site VPNs

· Configure permanent tunnels for remote access

· Configure VPN tunnel sharing

· Review the foundation of a query and build a custom query