Kombo CheckPoint Security Administration & Security Engineering (CCSA&CCSE)R80.10


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Jani Lindner
COURSE GOAL: Validate your understanding and skills necessary to configure and optimally manage Check Point Next Generation Firewalls PREREQUISITES: · General knowledge of TCP/IP · Working knowledge of Windows, UNIX, networking, and the Internet COURSE OBJECTIVES · Design and install a distributed environment and install a Security Gateway · Create and configure network, host, and gateway objects · Verify SIC establishment · Create a basic rulebase in SmartDashboard · Evaluate existing policies and optimize the rules · Maintain the Security Management Server · Use queries to monitor IPS and network traffic · Use packet data to generate reports, troubleshoot system and security issues, and ensure network functionality · Use SmartView Monitor to configure alerts · Configure NAT rules on Web and Gateway servers · Monitor remote Gateways using SmartUpdate · Upgrade and attach product licenses using SmartUpdate · Manage users and user access to the corporate LAN · Use Identity Awareness to provide granular level access to network resources · Acquire user information used by the Security Gateway to control access · Define Access Roles for use in an Identity Awareness rule · Implement Identity Awareness in the Firewall rulebase · Configure certificate-based, site-to-site VPNs · Configure permanent tunnels for remote access · Configure VPN tunnel sharing · Review the foundation of a query and build a custom query Perform a backup of a Security Gateway and Management Server. · Upgrade a Management Server.. · Perform debugs on Firewall processes. · Build, test, and troubleshoot a ClusterXL Load Sharing deployment, a ClusterXL High Availability deployment, a management HA deployment on an enterprise network. · Configure SecureXL and CoreXL acceleration. · Troubleshoot a VRRP deployment on an enterprise network. · Configure User Directory to incorporate user information. · Manage internal and external user access. · Troubleshoot a site-to-site or certificate-based using IKEView, VPN log files, and command line debug tools. · Optimize VPN performance and availability by using Link Selection and MEP solutions. · Manage and test corporate VPN tunnels. · Provide corporate level protection to mobile devices using Check Point Capsule. · Identify the four steps of emulation. · Review the methods in which the Anti-Virus and Anti-Bot software blades prevent malware and bot infections. · Set up a Threat Prevention profile. · Review IPS profile properties. · Review the available IPS protections and manipulate the action taken on packets when they match a threat. · Generate reports on specific network traffic using SmartReporter and SmartEvent.

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