20744: Securing Windows Server 2016 *NOVO

Course duration

5 days or 5 x Voucher

Course price

1.250,00 €

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Available dates
16. 06. 2018 - 20. 06. 2018 17. 09. 2018 - 21. 09. 2018 20. 08. 2018 - 24. 08. 2018 24. 09. 2018 - 28. 09. 2018 22. 10. 2018 - 26. 10. 2018 26. 11. 2018 - 30. 11. 2018

About this course

This five-day, instructor-led course teaches IT professionals how they can enhance the security of the IT infrastructure that they administer. This course begins by emphasizing the importance of assuming that network breaches have occurred already, and then teaches you how to protect administrative credentials and rights to help ensure that administrators can perform only the tasks that they need to, when they need to.This course explains how you can use auditing and the Advanced Threat Analysis feature in Windows Server 2016 to identify security issues. You will also learn how to mitigate malware threats, secure your virtualization platform, and use deployment options such as Nano server and containers to enhance security. The course also explains how you can help protect access to files by using encryption and dynamic access control, and how you can enhance your network’s security.

At course completion

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Secure Windows Server.
  • Protect credentials and implement privileged access workstations.
  • Limit administrator rights with Just Enough Administration.
  • Manage privileged access.
  • Mitigate malware and threats.
  • Analyze activity with advanced auditing and log analytics.
  • Deploy and configure Advanced Threat Analytics and Microsoft Operations Management Suite.
  • Configure Guarded Fabric virtual machines (VMs).
  • Use the Security Compliance Toolkit (SCT) and containers to improve security.
  • Plan and protect data.
  • Optimize and secure file services.
  • Secure network traffic with firewalls and encryption.
  • Secure network traffic by using DNSSEC and Message Analyzer.

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