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We support employee development

We believe that every individual has the potential to develop. We constantly encourage our employees to grow as individuals and support them as they do. This creates an environment in which the employees stay motivated with challenges that enable them to assert themselves and achieve important things.

In short, we are creating a relaxed and supportive environment

It is important to us to have our employees feel safe, valued, included and accepted. We are aware that the organizational environment has a significant impact on employee performance and their contributions. To achieve this, we provide multiple activities (sport, entertainment and culture) and carry out numerous programs (mentoring, family-friendly company, leadership development).

We are open to new views and ideas

"Two heads are better than one." Our organization encourages innovation and different perspectives. We are open to differing opinions and communicate openly and respectfully. When challenges need to be solved, we create cross-functional teams to drive the inclusion of employees into company policies.

We believe in our values

Values represent powerful organizational social capital helping a company stay its course even in the most turbulent conditions. This is why we encourage and reward employees whose actions reflect our values. Among our ranks, you'll find responsible, responsive and reliable individuals whose excellent communication skills drive excellent collaboration.