Collaboration and productivity

If you want to perform your work well and quickly, you need to enable collaboration among all employees, by providing the ability to co-edit documents, share content and use different types of multimedia communication. At the same time, collaboration features must be securely and easily accessible anytime and from any device.

Collaboration and productivity

It has been a long time, since people worked in closed offices. Solutions that support effective work allow users to work from any device and securely store their documents, which are normally stored in the cloud. This way, you no longer have to worry about archiving data from each individual workstation and can easily ensure improved seecurity and compliance with security policies and regulations, such as GDPR.

The focus of these solutions is on driving effective communication and collaboration among all stakeholders, which includes work on shared documents as well as communication across various communication channels (voice, text, video, content sharing or multimedia). All of this must be delivered easily, intuitively, efficiently and securely.

Workspace virtualizationWorkspace virtualization

By virtualizing your workspace, you give your employees complete freedom, so they can work anywhere, anytime and using their favorite device. At the same time, your organization will gain improved security and control over its environment and data while ensuring compliance and driving down costs.

Workspace virtualization solutions provide users with access to applications regardless of their location or the device they use, so they always have access to relevant information.

Security and data protection have become a core requirement and organizations can use application virtualization to centralize data in their well-protected environments (data centers) to ensure data security, control access and drive compliance.

By virtualizing workspaces or applications, organizations reduce the risk of malware entering their environment. Based on policies, users are only allowed to access permitted published applications running in a controlled environment. This approach separates user devices from the internal network and data.

Application and desktop virtualization results in improved utilization of computer resources, centralization and simplified management of applications, desktops, and data.

Last but not least, application and desktop virtualization ensure users can stay secure while being mobile as people can work from anywhere and use any device – from a personal computer to a smartphone that can be used for business as well as personal purposes.

Mobile productivity

Support user mobility and BYOD scenarios without compromising the security of your data or systems.

Security and compliance

Impose control over data access and use in compliance with policies and regulatory or legislative requirements.

Simplified management

Reduce IT environment complexity by centralizing data, application management and task automation.


Reduce costs by simplifying application, desktop and data management.

Collaboration support

Modern collaboration solutions provide teams with a single location to access all the information they require and collaboration options that are customized to the work style and goals of individual teams.

Every team is unique with its own requirement and work style. You must enable effective collaboration among team members to ensure the team can achieve its goals, whether they are working on a project, preparing a new sales initiative, developing a next-generation product or putting together the next teambuilding event.

Customized integration of services, such as group chat, online meetings, co-authoring, secure file sharing, group mail, voice and video communication and websites, drives effective and secure information management and sharing among team members. Different types of clients (laptops, tablets, phones), the right tools and secure communication support teams and their work regardless of where and when they do their work. With the ability to easily engage stakeholders outside organizational borders, it is possible to open collaboration with important business partners or other interested parties.

Team collaboration can be extended with insight into data generated by LOB applications or data sources (ERP, CRM, and various databases) to enable monitoring and analysis of various types of data in real time by using intuitive dashboards, interactive reports and insightful data visualizations.

Effective work

The latest versions of documents are available to all participants.

Streamlined communication

Simple and secure communication using any device.

Support for all types of communication

The solution supports all types of communication: voice, text, image/multimedia.

Simple integration

Simple integration with business applications (ERP, CRM, etc.)

Unified communications

A unified communication platform is the foundation of effective and simple internal and external communication.

Unified communications are a platform that integrates different communication channels, such as voice, video and instant messaging. They are the foundation for effective collaboration and enable simultaneous and secure communication between participants, content sharing and document co-authoring that is available anywhere and from any device. At the same time, the communication platform needs to be able to connect with external partners/customers.

Unified communications are key to efficient work and great communication with customers who expect the ability to communicate using different communication channels as voice communication is decreasing in importance as a result of the rise of other types of communications, such as instant messaging, video and social networks.

The platform also makes it possible to log (record) communication for compliance purposes as well as improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Videoconferences (live or recorded) are also an effective tool for training users.

Support for effective collaboration.

Secure, simple and efficient use.

Support for all types of communication

(voice, text, image/multimedia)

Regulatory compliance.

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