Iskra Mehanizmi, d.o.o.

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For over 15 years, we have worked with S&T Slovenija in the area of ICT services. Initially, our partnership was limited to the ERP system application services. We worked with S&T (previously Probis) to successfully implement the central SAP ERP system and integrated most business processes in the company. Later, our cooperation has expanded to include Microsoft services to a certain extent. We have established a kind of a partnership and are working with S&T to develop our ERP system. From our suppliers and partners we continue to expect a professional attitude that is based on competent people, stable organization, broad local and international support through their knowledge base, references and excellent relationships with major software suppliers. In parallel to expanding our partnership in the application space, we also saw an opportunity to work with S&T to cover our infrastructure needs. That has turned out to be a positive decision as S&T offers comprehensive approach and consulting in the area of ICT services.

Slavko Ovčina, IT and process manager, Iskra Mehanizmi, d.o.o.