We offer quality training for in-depth skills

Our goal is to become your training partner. We want to share our knowledge about comprehensive IT solutions to support your business and adapt to your plans, organizational processes, financial resources, and company culture and focus on the development of your talent.

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We have trained over 12.000 candidates

More than just an IT training centre

S&T training course portfolio reflects the needs that exist in the market. In addition to technical and professional IT training, we have expanded our offering to include soft skills and workshops designed to raise awareness about specific issues (e.g. GDPR).

Highly trained and licensed speakers with hands-on experience

People whose professional skills are certified and who are happy to share their expert knowledge with their students deliver our training. The majority of our speakers also have experience of working with customers and systems, so they can bolster their training with experience and examples from practice.

Our service is not over once the training is complete

We work with our clients on a strategic as well as operational level. At the client’s request, we carry out an analysis of their educational needs, prepare a learning plan and evaluate the results. Custom training plans are prepared based on a company’s IT and related requirements.

Flexible training

At its facilities in Ljubljana, S&T operates two state-of-the art classrooms. If the entire study group comprises employees of a single client, we can provide training at the customer’s location.

Our consultants advise our customers on improving the performance of existing services and IT solutions from a wide range of aspects.

S&T Training Centre employs a team of professionals who share the priority of showing how you can maximize the potential of modern information technology. We help you achieve your business goals, whether you are just looking to improve your skills or want to stay current with the latest solutions. We offer new skills and training courses that are focused on meeting the specific needs of your organization or staff. Users can choose from courses from different areas: Check Point, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, HP, VMware, RedHat, JBoss, ITIL and PRINCE2 as well as interesting workshops.

Our educational catalog includes content for everyone: from end users of business applications to highly specialized IT professionals. The content is always under review as we continuously wish to follow the needs of the market.

The S&T Education Center has been an authorized Pearson VUE examination center for many years

Choose your certification path, check what skills are required for each exam, prepare to participate in schooling through home study or online course. Then sign up for an exam at S&T EDUCATION CENTER, Authorized Examination Center by Pearson VUE for numerous years.

The exams are carefully developed by mature IT professionals and reflect the usability of products worldwide. Examinations check your skills for using technology or performing challenging tasks in areas such as, for example, management of servers, databases, development solutions, etc. Exams are demanding and go beyond routine knowledge and terminology. After all, in the workplace you need to know more than just facts and use knowledge by analysing technical solutions, solving problems and making decisions.

Entrance to the Testing Center is located at Leskoškova cesta 6, 1000 Ljubljana.

What to expect on the day of your exam?

Before the exam starts, we identify the participant (using an identity document). The candidate approves and signs their official exam attempt with an electronic signature and photograph taken during registration. Exam process is strictly monitored using a video camera or in person by an authorized representative. Any copying or usage of aids is prohibited. Participants are also strictly prohibited from bringing books, laptops, mobile phones or calculators to the examination room. When the candidate enters the examination room, they receive a pen and the exam sheet. In most cases, the candidates receive their results immediately after the exam. If a violation of exam rules is found, the exam is interrupted immediately and any irregularities are communicated directly to Pearson VUE.

How do I apply for a Microsoft exam?

Anyone who first passes the Microsoft exam via Pearson VUE must complete the following requirements before applying for the exam:

Then follow the steps:
1. On the Microsoft Learning page, in the right-hand corner, click Sign in.
2. Use your Microsoft account to sign up. Important: If you are an MCP, use the MS account associated with your already members.
3. In the top right corner, click Account and select Profile Settings.
4. Create, edit, or confirm your profile and click Save.

Trust of our customers comes first

Luka Krajcer
IT System Admin Lead

The new skills enabled us to take a broader view of our customers’ needs. We can now more easily select the SQL solution architecture and design.

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Peter Božič

The course was well designed and managed. I will be able to put the skills I’ve gained to work as I do my job.

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Hinko Uršič
Lead Engineering and General Instructor

Training participants had very positive things to say about the training content and how it was carried out.

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